All you need to know about Tricia Helfer’s presence at Comic Con Portugal 2019
| 24 Set, 2019


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We attended Tricia Helfer’s press conference, one of the guests of the Cinema & TV area at Comic Con Portugal 2019, on September 13th and 14th.

The actress came in with a big smile on her face, starting with a joke about her weak Portuguese. The reporter’s questions began almost inevitably with her role on Lucifer, specifically the #SaveLucifer online campaign, and how it was for her to be part of a series that managed to have that impact on the viewers. Helfer was very grateful to the fans for what they did to save the show, although it had no impact on her continuity on it because Charlotte was meant to die anyway at the end of season 3. However, she was very pleased that the show was saved. What she liked most about the project was the fact that she was able to alternate so fluidly between moments of reflection and moments of fun. The scenes with Lucifer and Amandiel were the most fun for Tricia, while Charlotte’s death took about a month to shoot, making it difficult to always maintain the emotional mood that was needed for that kind of scene. That was the most complicated.

Switching to Battlestar Galactica, Tricia said that she was lucky to be welcomed into a huge family full of great actors and people who helped her, notably Edward James Olmos (with whom we talked also about Battlestar Galatica during Comic Con Portugal 2017), and that his passion for history and work was inspiring. The hardest thing was when she started making multiple versions of the same character and had to make sure the doubles kept the correct posture (she ended up confessing that she’s a control freak).

We also asked about Tricia’s past experience in voice acting for games, something that was done for pleasure, she said, but it came to a time when she was participating in about seven games in a row and therefore needed a break. Maybe in the future she will do it again. The ones she liked the most were Starcraft 2 and Mass Effect, for all the impact they had. She said that it was hard work because often the first contact she had with the lines was when she read them out loud in the recording studio, unless there was another actor who had already recorded, in that case they would give her access to the actor’s lines. Tricia was also part of Con Man, a project started by actor and creator Alan Tudyk, that was created through crowdfunding and was so successful that they ended up shooting more episodes than was originally planned. Overall, it was a very different and fun experience for her.

The last question was about the podcast that the actress and model had, where she could be heard reviewing Battlestar Galactica, since for her, the story in the world we live in now, makes more sense than at the time, an opinion that Edward James Olmos shares.

We also had the opportunity to interview Tricia Helfer, so if you want to know more stay tuned!



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